Company chop is basically a stamp that carries legal weight to certify the authenticity of certain document issued by a company. It can be seen as an equivalent of board of director’s signature in West business practice. In Singapore, company chop Singapore is a necessity for office purposes.  

Company chop for each company is unique as a company chop contains specific company name, company logo, and registration number. If you are planning to make your company’s very own company chop, here are some basics you need to know first. 

1. Pick the Right Size for Your Company Chop 

One of the most overlooked aspect in creating company chop is its size. More often than not, company did not determine the right chop size for their document. Company needs to find a balance between the size of their document and their chop size. Large company chop should not be affixed on small-sized document since the ink could cover its content and vice versa. 

2. Measure the Diameter of Your Preferred Company Chop 

If you have picked the rough size of your preferred company chop, the second step is to measure the right diameter. Try drawing it on your document until you find the perfect balance. 

3. Determine the Ink Colour 

Ink colour is also an important aspect of company chop. There are many available ink colours in the market, so you have to determine which one is the most suitable for your company’s branding. Here are some ink colour options for your consideration: 

  • Blue ink. Blue ink is probably the most used colour in company chop. It gives off a neutral vibe so it can be used in almost every type of document. 
  • Black ink. Although black ink is frequently used for company chop as it looks classy, it is actually not very recommended especially for black and white document. Why? Because the document can be mistaken as a duplicate or a copy rather than an original piece. 
  • Red ink. Red ink is usually used for traditional stamp and this colour shows seriousness. Sometimes it is used to identify urgency or document rejection. 

4. Make Sure Your Words Are Legible 

The size for company chop may varies from large to small. But if you choose a small company chop, make sure that your words and or graphics are legible. After all, company chop is a certification as well as identification tool. Everything inscribed on it represents your company so if it’s not legible than it serves no purpose whatsoever. It is important that the recipient of your stamped document knows it is from your company and it is authorized. 

5. Hire a Professional Designer 

Last but not least tips: hire a professional designer for your company chop. A designer can help you create a company chop that represents your brand well as well as meeting your requirements. Although it might cost you a lot, it is a thing worth investing since your company chop can be used as long as your capital stands. 

Those are 5 tips to make a company chop from the pros. Make sure you take one or two notes from this article before you create your company chop!