Do you know what product packaging is? Yes, it refers to the outer part that wraps an item or product. Inside there are building elements such as graphic design, shape, size, weight, material, colour, and so on. Of these elements, graphic design on a product packaging plays an important role in its success in attracting consumers' attention. If the product packaging is designed properly, more people will be curious and interested and a potential increase in sales. 

If you want to create a graphic design for your product, then you need to know the following things. The first is understanding the packaging layers. The product packaging layer to be made needs to adjust to what type of product will be wrapped. The more layers, the heavier and thicker the packaging. It should be avoided to increase the efficiency of the packaging volume. In most cases, the outer layer is the layer that will be given a design as well as a certain coat for more protection. The second thing you need to know is the layout and order of the information on the packaging. A product packaging needs to be simple so that it is easily understood by prospective buyers. The correct order of information will make it easier to place a suitable design and good colour. Every element in a product packaging also needs to represent the value of the organization or company that produces it. This will increase consumer confidence and company reputation. 

The third thing is the brand requirements which both have building elements, namely colours, fonts, and logos. When you design a graphic for a brand packaging, then you pay attention to the colours used. The CMYK value you choose will also affect the sharpness of the printed product packaging. The choice of fonts should also be fonts that are easy to read. Whether it's in the ingredients, how to use, the brand, or other parts of a package. To make it more marketable, of course, the brand logo should not be left behind. The logo of a brand or brand takes up a fairly large proportion of the total space available in the packaging design. Why is that? This is because the logo plays an important role to be recognized and remembered by a brand and its consumers. 

The fourth thing is, is it reusable? Now is the time for us to pay attention and take action towards our environment. Please make sure that you included how to reuse or recycle the packaging once the consumer finish using the product. It is for the greater good and your organization or company's reputation. 

Next is the design result file such as in the Adobe Illustrator application or other applications that are more convenient and have minimal errors. Don't miss the barcodes either, those groups of lines in any package you can find are data readers related to the price tag and other information. 

When printing your designs, be sure to use a bleed area. The bleed area is an extra area that is deliberately created by graphic designers to prevent the original design from being cut or folded during the finishing process. So, pretty easy right? Happy packaging and good luck!