1. Prepare a Concept 

Preparing a concept can be done in several ways, one of which is brainstorming. You and your colleagues/business partners, or anyone in particular with an interest, discuss this concept. Brainstorming is one way that can be used to make your discussion more focused. You can also use the services of a logo design in Singapore to be able to provide alternative designs that suit your desires. Please note that the concept of a logo must represent something that has value. Especially when you want to be in the commercial world of products or services. Furthermore, you can find references online on how a logo design is made. And what elements make up the logo. 

2. Pick a Colour 

Once you are done with your design concept, you will then need to choose the colour that will be used on the logo. Especially a logo that is the 'spearhead' of a brand so that consumers will remember. Colour also represents the impression that you give to your potential customers. You can use one colour or more than one colour. The choice of logo design and colour also happens continuously and needs to complement each other. Therefore, the process of creating a logo design and colour is an inseparable process. Make sure you don't choose bright colours at the same time, this is because your eyes will tire quickly, even cause eye pain. 

3. Size Matter 

Choosing the size of the logo design that you design can match your needs. This is due to the placement of the logo in various places on your product. However, please note that a proportional size is highly recommended. You can use your product type as the basis for choosing the size of the logo design. Usually, the logo is placed in the position facing the consumer in the middle part of the product to optimize the delivery of the message in the logo. 

4. Legalize 

Legalizing your logo design is a must. This is to avoid plagiarism that can occur anytime and anywhere. After you finish finalizing your logo design, double-check with your designer that the logo is authentic and there is only one you have. After that, authorities services to officially legalize it so that your logo is registered as a legal trademark. This process is concurrent with registering your brand and trademark. Besides that, if you have a domain or online existence, then you should make sure that there is no same domain with your brand and logo. 

5. Good Branding  

Good branding is an ongoing process. An organization or company usually has a branding team that is not only tasked with the name, 'branding', but to build a culture for the product. This will automatically bring the design logo of a product to the mind of consumers. A logo design that is made with an impression stands out also plays a role in the success of branding. Good branding also goes hand in hand with a good reputation. When the two work together well, the brand will have good values.