A wedding invitation card is one of the elements that must exist in a wedding. It functions as a message and information about invitations to those who receive it. It seems that you are also familiar with the various forms offered by wedding invitation services. Besides, wedding invitations are now very easy to make. Some forms of wedding invitations that we commonly find are in the form of an art paper with several folds. The fold serves to summarize the invitation form to make it shorter and clearer. Here are tips you can use for a nice-looking, engaging, and memorable wedding invitation. 

1. Prepare your theme 

The choice of a wedding theme is the initial stage for determining the various material or further decoration needs. There are many themes that you can use as references for weddings, such as traditional, rustic, classic, glamorous, minimalist, and outdoor themes. Various themes are tailored to the preferences that you like. Every theme needs to be arranged in detail to avoid being missed on your wedding day. Furthermore, this theme will be applied to your wedding invitation. The process of applying this theme utilizes several elements such as colour and design. 

2. Fit the theme to the wedding invitation and venue decoration 

You should make wedding invitations and decorations together to have the same ideas. This will make your wedding invitation stand out even more. Imagine, when the guests accept the invitation, and when they come to your reception, they will be amazed to see the harmony that is in front of them. Also, this is important because it will make it easier for the invitees to find your reception venue. For example, if you have an invitation with a predominantly white and gold colour theme, then your venue decoration should also use a similar colour. 

3. Choose the right colour 

Choosing the right colour will make your wedding invitation stand out more and appealing to the eye. But you may ask, how would you do that? It is easy, a rule of thumb would be don't pick two colours with similar contrast. Two vibrant colours would hurt your eye. You can use various online sources to find various combinations that suit your desires. Besides, you can also consult with the printing vendor you choose about this. They will give you a suitable option, make sure you communicate clearly about this. 

4. Get the right materials 

There are various materials that you can use for your wedding invitation. Clear vellum paper and glassine are the most popular examples in choosing wedding invitation materials. Especially for layering to provide depth. Both materials are flexible, translucent, and also thin and soft cloudy white. 

5. Put something unique 

When you want your wedding invitation to be memorable, then you need to give it a personal touch. You can get this personal element by applying things such as photos, your pre-wedding videos that are displayed at the venue, souvenirs containing your favourite items, and so on. Easy right? Now is the time for you to make your wedding invitation. Good luck!