When you sign in to a computer, the first thing you see is the wallpaper. That's a reason to select the best wallpaper to display some creativity and motivation. This post will tell you the tips for decorating your desktop wallpaper. Making a desktop wallpaper for desktop is somehow different from a wallpaper for mobile use. The tips below will help you make your desktop wallpaper. 

Use Animation on Your Desktop Wallpaper 

It is relevant to keep your desktop wallpaper tidy and simple. Animations can be great on wallpapers. Various tools can enable you use a video for a wallpaper. Such wallpapers are called live wallpapers and many wallpapers use them. Tools like DeskScapes and Wallpaper Engine can help you make such wallpapers. You can apply an animated GIF for a wallpaper and it functions like today's screensaver. 

Clean Up Your Icons on Desktop 

After selecting your wallpaper, don't leave a lot of desktop icons. Since what you want to see is the image not the icons, use the following ways to clean them. 

i) Tap on an empty space. 

ii) Hover on the top of the view. 

iii) Tap 'display desktop icons'. 

You can store shortcuts on various places. The 2 alternatives you can use are the taskbar and start menu, since they have more convenient access. There is no need for minimising windows as you use them.