Facebook is a great place to spread digital wallpapers. Such wallpapers could be company logos, emblems, product wallpapers and so on. There are certain tips to enable you make wallpapers that gives a first impression. This post tells you the tips for making Facebook wallpapers and they are below. 

Choose the Right Image 

Facebook is a visual platform, you can use efficient images to encourage engagements. Do the following when choosing an image for a wallpaper on Facebook. 

  • Select an illustration, high-resolution picture and a high quality. 
  • Go for something you can understand or read even if it is not large onscreen. 
  • Select an image that stands for your brand, displaying product in action or person. 
  • Use an emotional connect with a picture. 
  • Search for a photo that can enter the space. Crop the picture with an image editing software to make sure it is great at height of 315 pixels and 851 pixels.  

Include a Call to Action 

Consider what users who visit your profile will see when they pay a visit. You can add a wallpaper with a call to action to create website clicks, calls and generate leads. This picture can promote engagement. The button for Call to Action is under the photo. Ensure that you add something that users can handle. 

Experiment with a Video 

You can include videos to a wallpaper on Facebook. You can add video clips too. Include a video cover image the way you add a photo while noting the following: 

  • Select a thumbnail option and publish it. 
  • The video can be between 20 to 90 seconds in length. 

This video should be 820 pixels in width and 312 pixels in height, even though the standard size of Facebook videos is 820 by 463 pixels.