BeFunky is among the softwares you can use for making digital wallpapers. You can personalise with your lock screen and home screen. To make digital wallpapers with BeFunky, it involves some creativity. You can choose the designs from various options like graphics, photography or both. 

Graphic Overlay or Text 

Get a photo you love and then scale it to fit the template of your phone wallpaper, add a graphic element or text. It is among the simplest and quickest option to make a background, apply text, graphics or both. 

Patterned Wallpaper 

BeFunky's designer has a lot of graphic elements you can apply on a wallpaper. You can get a shape and turn it to a background pattern. Simply select a background colour in your template, then select a graphic element to place and duplicate a pattern.  

Images That Has Artsy Effects 

One of the simplest and fastest ways to create a unique photo is to apply cool effects. With this software you can add effects using the Effects tab, and convert photos to art using Artsy effects. You can also include realistic looking Lens Flares to make a sun-drenched image. Get a unique or interesting perspective, include a layer multiple or single effects on each other.  

Steps to Design Your Wallpaper 

Go to the 'Templates' tab and choose 'Custom Template'. Go to the menu of your Custom Templates and input 1080x1920 as width and height in their fields. This will give you a blank template to start the design. If what you want is a solid background and not white, tap on 'Background' tab to choose a new one. Tap on the tab for 'Images/Layers' and upload a picture with Computer button.