Steps to Design Your Wallpaper (Cont.)

If you have a vision without a personal photo, you can use the Layers/Images tab to search more 1 million free stock photos from Unsplash and Pixabay. Tap the '....' and type search terms, then tap the results that you see immediately and add them to the tab of your Layers/Images. Any of the image added can display as thumbnails, that you can drag and click your template. Resize and position the photos of your template with blue circles across them. 

Once you get a perfect background, tap the tab for 'Design Element' and choose a graphic working with your picture. Use the 'Graphic Properties' menu that displays when you select your template, try and change the opacity, blend mode and colour to adjust elements. Apply some creativity. 

Choose 'text' tab using graphic and photo elements. Tap the button for 'Add Text' and input a phrase or quote in the displayed textbox. If you, want some inspiration, check the quotes on Pinterest. Select a font that matches your play and photo with various options like letter spacing, colour and more. 

Once you finish the design of your wallpaper bring it to your smart phone. Tap the 'Save button', and this is visible above the Designer, then save it in your Computer. You are done, you can drop the wallpaper and use it as the wallpaper of your home screen or lock. 

If you want to create a custom wallpaper, refresh the background and apply the technology to see your ideas.