With Fotor you can be creative with your design forming a personalised and unique type of desktop wallpaper. You can do this with a few clicks using various wallpaper templates and design elements. This post tells you the tips for making wallpapers with Fotor.  

With Fotor you can select wallpapers from various categories like quote, trendy, lifestyle, Lovely, Nature, Minimalist, Cute, Cool, Sports, Creative and so on. Example Fotor has minimalist wallpaper creator that you can use with a library that has premium resources like fonts and stickers, that can enable you design a wallpaper as you want it. 

Using Desktop Wallpaper Templates on Fotor 

Many people spend a lot of time with their computers. Making a nice desktop wallpaper decorates your computer. You can use templates to make wallpapers of high resolution. With templates in Fotor you can create desktop wallpapers of high resolution. With templates you can create desktop wallpapers that you can share with others. 

Steps to Make a Digital Wallpaper with Fotor 

Open the Fotor app and tap 'Create a Design', then select a layout for 'wallpaper'. 

  • Look for what is suitable for your wallpaper by using the search box and choose one from the search results that appeared. 
  • Drop and drag your chosen pictures or apply a ready-made template. 
  • Adjust the colours and fonts or include stickers, text or any other thing using various small tools available. 
  • Design and change, manage the overlays and maximise the visual impact of the wallpaper. 
  • Save the wallpaper after previewing it and select the size and format you want.
  • Download and set up the personalised wallpaper to be your desktop background.