Customise Each of Your Wallpaper for a Personal Style 

Let personality shine forth through computer wallpapers and phone wallpapers by making designs that are fully customised, to represent your photos and you. Display your design taste and style by selecting a blank state or wallpaper template and then customise all the design. Get stock photos suitable for perfect background for a quote or make a calendar design and be organised. 

Other Great Features of Visme 

  • There are tons of wallpapers that you can customise and select from. 
  • Thousands of stock photos that you can use as a wallpaper background. 
  • Include your own favorite colours and fonts to customise it.  
  • Drag and drop the design tools made for someone who is not a designer.  
  • Create wallpaper design for your devices, computer and smart phone. 
  • Download designs and share them with your friends or set up your own wallpaper. 

Sharing the Wallpaper 

You can apply a wallpaper builder to make wallpaper design and then share them with your customers, friends and family. Download designs to be an image file or then publish it to form a public link. 

Personalise the Designs with the Wallpaper Maker 

Include personality in your wallpaper design. Refresh and update the wallpaper as you wish. You can make wallpapers online using a free background maker, this is to switch your design every season or every month.  

Stock Photo Library 

  • You can use the search feature to get what you are searching for. 
  • Get the perfect background for the wallpaper. 
  • Select from millions of picture assets.