We have 24 hours a day, but sometimes we think it is not enough. That is why, today, time management is one of the necessary things needed by many people. But, do you know what time management is? 

Basically, time management is the skill of how we use our time to get things done effectively, efficiently, and productively. It can be learned, taught, and practised, which is why many people learn about it to develop their time management skill.  

If you are interested enough in time management, here are a few tips you can try in managing your time! 

1. Plan Your Day 

You cannot spend your time effectively and efficiently without knowing what you have to do and get done in a day. That is the reason why you need to plan your day. By planning your day, you don't have to get lost and confused about what you have to do that can cause you to spend your time unwisely. You can start planning your day the night before by writing a kind of to-do list so that when you wake up in the morning, you know and are better prepared for what you're going to face that day. Or another alternative, you can make your to-do list at the beginning of your day.  

2. Priority 

Once you jot down all things on your to-do list, that doesn't mean you have to complete it in order from top to the bottom of the list. You need to set and know your priorities in advance. This means that you have to rank what you will do based on the urgency of the activity. It will help you be more productive, reduce stress, or even help you become more focused. 

3. Plan Some Gaps 

When you plan to finish your work by 3 p.m., that doesn't always go as your plan. You can complete it earlier or later. That is why, to manage your time, it is better to plan gaps to make room for unplanned things. But, if everything goes according to the plan, then you can start doing another activity earlier or you can use that time to rest and freshen up! 

4. It's Okay to Delegate Something 

Most people are often overloaded and stressed because they try to do and manage everything! Most of us have doubts about delegation. But, to manage your time to be more productive, delegating is something you have to consider. If you are not really sure about what to do when delegating something, you may start to identify which tasks can be delegated. Then, involve your direct reports to participate in determining which tasks should be delegated to them and when. Don't forget to make sure that they agree and understand it. Next, you have to communicate your expectations clearly with them. Remember, don't get too involved or don't disappear! Then lastly, you can evaluate the result of the tasks.   

5. Minimize Distractions 

After you have made a plan for getting something done, make sure you minimize the distraction around you. It will help you to focus more on completing your task. Today, many people get distracted because of their cell phone. So, to minimize the distraction, you can turn on your plane mode first, or if you have any other distractions, make sure that you can minimize them.