One of the great ways to promote your business is using a name card. It may seem too classic but actually still works effectively. The usual way to promote with a name card is to approach your target customers and explain about your business, then offer your name card to contact you whenever they want. If you want to use this way to help you gain profit, make sure your name card is stand out. Avoid these things to make your name card not looks awful 

Unreadable Text 

Text is the most important thing on a name card. It contains your name, contact details, and also your company. If the text is using bad fonts that are hard to read, people won’t reach your business. Choose a good font that makes your text readable. Avoid fonts with handwriting or cursive theme. 

Thin Paper 

Name card should be the thing that people can keep anywhere and see again later. If the paper is so thin, it will vulnerable. The name card will quickly be crumpled. Create your name card with thick paper so people can keep it for a long time. 

Choose the Wrong Colors 

Colors affect every element on a name card. Don’t choose the wrong colors that are too contrastive. If you choose too many colors those will distract the eyes. You want people to focus on the information. It would be better if you use the color scheme table to determine the right color combination.