Don’t Forget These 4 Tips If You Want an Outstanding Name Card

Do you think that name card is outdated in this technology-driven era? Apparently, that is not the case. While many choose to share data in the digital medium, a business card, for example in business, is still needed particularly for formal contacts. This is why the name card printing service in Singapore is still widely sought in printing shops.

Before you print, have you made sure your business card design is already excellent and high-quality printing is compatible?

Here are a few tips for the excellent creation and printing of the business card.

1. Design Using Vector
Remember to use the vector-based design software to ensure you get high-quality performance without stretching or pixelating the images that you create.  Although a name card is relatively small, you must build it in 300 dpi in order to get the best possible results. Even though business cards are small, the elements in the design can still get pixelated if you use an image or raster. So, always use vector if you want to get a design like no other.

2. Limit Colour Plates
The name card printing requires the use of colour plates that are placed onto the paper's surface to produce the colours. It's better if you keep just 3 colour plates so your business card gets the best quality outcome.  When you are using more than three colour plates, it is most possible that the card stock or the paper you are using gets damp and the risk of ink transfer is there too. If you do not wish to damage your card, remember to limit the colours that you use.

3. Take Note of Bleed Area
The bleed area and crop marks are important for the design of your name card design and printing process. This is even more important if your name card design's background colour is anything other than white.

You reduce the risk of any significant part of the name card being cut off when the card gets trimmed. Also, you will make sure that your business card gets a full bleed without leaving unwanted white space around the edges.

4. Name Card Finishes
Finishes are extra touches given to enhance the appearance of your name card.  Finishes will make your business card look more enticing and outstanding. Of course, this is necessary if you want to please the card recipients every time they are handed out. For example, many people laminate their cards to add extra shine and provide protection. Some others choose UV spot to emphasize a certain part of their card design. It is completely up to you which one do you like the best for the design. There are various types of finishes and the availability depends on the printing shop you are working with. So, you can ask them what are the available options you can get.

Nowadays, there are many available printing options that you can explore to make sure that your name card looks impeccable. Contact us to get your card designed and printed today.