2. Choose Your Design  

The design of a business card is the next step that is no less important. In this stage, you get to decide what design you want to put onto your name card. Most of the time, business card designs will align with your field of expertise. For example, if you are a chef, then you might want to put food or drinks related design to your name card. Whether it's a drawing of food or just a sketch of one and any picture needed. It will make the recipient understand your background and expertise more quickly. You can take advantage of professional design services, design services from a direct printing shop, or also use presets that are widely available for free on various online platforms. 

3. Get the Best Material Possible  

Material selection should not be done carelessly, you want a good impression when giving the card, right? Therefore, don't be so cheap if you have the budget, get the best one that you can afford. Don't get me wrong, the name card is super affordable though. There are 290 GSM Shimmering Card with Marble White, 260GSM Textured Card with Zeta White, 330GSM Naturalis with Vanilla Smooth texture, and so on. Be mindful about the materials you pick since it will determine how long they will last in a certain condition. 

4. Get the 2 Sides Card 

The next thing you need to consider is double-sided printing. As we know, a paper has two sides, a front side and a backside, depending on your point of view. Many printing shops, such as at Singapore name card, are able to accommodate this type of printing. You will be more flexible in using the space on both sides. Apart from that, you can also add more information on the other side.