A wedding is one of the most expensive parties in most people's life. Lots of things must be prepared from starting to rent a wedding venue to find the best dress, that is why the cost of a wedding is quite expensive.  

One of the things that must be prepared in wedding preparation is invitation cards. Although the card is not as big as the venue, it is one of the items you will need to make and pay for your wedding.  But, in making invitation cards, you can save more money. Then the question is "how?" 

Here are some tips you can follow to save more money on invitation card making! 

1. Be Careful About Overspending! 

To save more money, of course, you should avoid overspending! Therefore, you need to allocate a clear budget for the wedding invitation. Once you know how much money you can spend on the card, that gives you a clear idea of how much your limit is! That can help you keep on track and avoid overspending!  

2. Order Your Wedding Cards Early 

What will happen if you ask a printing service to finish your invitation card as soon as possible? You may get additional charges for that! That is why you should print your cards early to avoid extra charges and stay on budget!  

3. Think About Simple Invitation Cards 

Additional customization makes the card more expensive! Using wax seal and beautiful ribbons are two of the many examples of wedding card customization. If you want to save more money, making a simple invitation card is a good idea! Without any additional decorative elements or customization, the price can be more affordable and cheaper. Minimal layers and decorations, with simple envelopes, are one of the options that you can consider to create affordable wedding invitation cards! 

4. Order in Bulk!  

In ordering invitation cards, you will get a cheaper price once you order them in bulk. So, if you want to make 100 invitation cards, don't order them twice! Make sure that you know all the exact numbers of your guests first, so you can order a large number of invitations at the same time! 

5. Don't Forget to Make Some Extra! 

This point is still related to the previous one. Before ordering invitation cards, you need to add some extra first. Why? Because sometimes, in compiling the guest list, there are a few names that you forget to write down. So, once you remember them, you don't need to re-order the card in a small number.  

6. Try to Make Your Design 

Instead of asking a professional designer, to save more money, you can create your own design! Today, there are lots of design software or online design platforms that you can use to design your invitation, for example, Canva!  

7. Find an Affordable and Trusted Printing Service 

Yes, you can find a printing service that offers the best deal! But you still have to pay attention to quality! You will end up overspending if you have to print your invitation card twice because you got a poor-quality card for your first order! So, besides the price, the quality must also be considered!