Today is an era of social media marketing. Every company wants that piece of social media interaction and engagement as a way to promote their brand, products, and services better. It is natural since nowadays people rarely have no social media. Billions of people have access to social media and they have their own social media accounts. Therefore, social media marketing holds a pivotal point to promote something effectively. 

However, the oversaturated brands in social media make it hard for a business to maintain its base. It is hard to compete with rival brands in social media. You have to be creative in creating engaging contents all the time. One way to achieve it is by creating creative design graphics.  

Here are some tips to enhance your social media posts through design graphics: 

1. Create a Unique Branding 

Branding is a marketing practice that gives specific meaning to your company through associated design, symbols, logo, colour, and other visual identity. But branding is more than just visual identity. Essentially, branding is a pattern of familiarity and meaning that lives in people’s mind about certain thing. Therefore, it is essential for a company to create a unique branding that can sets them apart with their competitors. In social media, branding can be manifested through visual elements, style, slogan, and even image captions. Every part of your social media presence contributes to your overall branding, so you have to make sure they are in line with your vision. 

2. Always Include Your Logo in Every Post 

Always, and we repeat, always include your logo in every post. The presence of your company logo will make it easier for people to recognize your brand. This will help you to increase your social media engagement.