3. Be Consistent 

Be consistent in two things: be consistent with your style and be consistent with your post schedule. Style consistency win people’s heart, especially if the contents resonate with their needs and passion. To be consistent with your style, ask yourself what do your followers like and what is the thing are you trying to sell? This question can guide you to discover the characteristic of your brand and help you to be consistent. 

You also need to be consistent with your post schedule. Choose the prime time when you are posting your contents because it will attract more people. And be consistent with your post. Most company will post one to two contents a day and they will do it repeatedly. This will help them to stay relevant in the eyes of their followers. 

4. Create Valuable Contents 

Valuable content is the keyword to social media marketing. Everything you post has to be relevant and adds value to your site and your followers. When followers find your contents useful, they will be more attracted to your brand. Valuable contents also gain wider reach that will generate traffic from non-followers (potential followers). 

5. Make Your Contents Share-Worthy 

Make it easy for your followers to share your contents on their social media. If you post your contents on your website, make sure your content is shareable to social media platforms. When your followers share the contents to others, it will boost your brand awareness and brand recognition.