5 Tips on How To Make a Spectacular Wedding Invitation


Designing and planning for a wedding invitation card is not something so easy. Aside from creating the design itself, you need other aspects planned as well to make sure that the cards are printed and distributed on time. If not, they would not be able to reach the people that you want to attend your wedding, and you would lose cash in vain as well.


In order to avoid that from happening, this article will guide you through everything necessary to be underlined when it comes to making a wedding invitation card.


So, without further ado, let's start from number one.


1. Have a Head Start

Starting early is important since a wedding invitation must be sent out well in advance of the celebration date so that your guests can arrange their plans to attend. Usually, you will need to submit two items: save the date cards and the invitation cards themselves. Save the date cards should be sent up to 12 months before the wedding date, and invitation cards should be sent at least 3 months ahead of time.


2. Choose a Design Style

The style on your wedding invitation card should match the wedding theme in order for it to appear consistent and cohesive. It is fine if you are planning a wedding with a traditional theme. However, people are getting more adventurous about their wedding themes these days, and they are aiming to make things look more exciting. Simply ensure that the wedding invitation card accurately reflects the wedding theme.


If you are unsure what kind of pattern or design to go for, search for ideas online and study the elements as well as tones that complement the look of that particular style or theme, such as calligraphy, colours, and decoration.


3. Details of the Wedding Invitation

Your wedding invitation should provide all key details for visitors so that they can arrive on time, on the correct date, and at the correct location. Give them directions to the location and instructions about how to get there if necessary. If required, you should also add details about the dress code.


4. Request a Sample

When buying your wedding invitation card, submit a preview to ensure that you are pleased with the condition of the wedding invitation card you will get. It is not enough to have a photo or an image because you cannot clearly know the details of the paper stock used for card production. Since textures are critical when it comes to wedding invitation cards, you must be able to see and touch them personally. That is the only way you can make sure that they are using the type of material that you want and use the finishes that match.


5. Double-check

Before you give it the go-ahead for mass production, double-check that the spelling of the names, information, and all other elements used in the design of your wedding invitation is correct. Surely, you do not want to realize that there is a mistake when you have printed hundreds of your invitations. After all, fixing or re-printing will undoubtedly cost you a lot more money.


Making a wedding invitation card can be a little tricky, but hopefully those tips can help you to make it better. Happy designing!