2. Utilize QR Code to Attract People 

QR code usage is on the rise nowadays, and it’s an opportunity for you to grab! Use a QR code that will lead people to a designated URL made by yourself. The URL can be your online portfolio, website, blog, or even your professional networking profile like Kalibrr or LinkedIn. Utilization of QR code doesn’t only make it easier for people to connect with you, but also create a great impression on you. They will be impressed by your technical know-how. There are several free QR code generators on the internet that you can use, so choose one that fits your specification best. 

3. Link Your Social Media on Your Business Cards 

Before you link your social media on your business card Singapore, make sure you have a professional and appropriate presence there. If you only use your social media to communicate with your loved ones, we strongly suggest you not link them on your business card. But if you have a professional social media that you use specifically to share your knowledge, connect with the professional side of social media, and follow potential employers, then go ahead. But remember, always keep your posts in check since one day your posts might have a boomerang effect on yourself. 

Those are 3 pro tips to create a hip student business card. Once you master these tips, it would be easier for you to advance yourself in the professional world!