While Twitter was once exclusively a thought-sharing platform, the channel has evolved, becoming a source of limitless audience reach for the savvy marketer. 

With 192 million daily active users, it’s no wonder that marketers flock to the social platform, marketers today need to stay relevant with the rapidly changing features that are a hallmark of the platform. Your Twitter marketing strategy should be in constant flux in relation to the adjustments of the platform. 

In this quick guide, we’re going to break down exactly how to get more Twitter followers! 

Tweet A Lot! 

Versus the likes of Facebook or Instagram, Twitter requires a more aggressive content strategy. 

According to data by CoSchedule, the “sweet spot” is anywhere between three and seven tweets per day to maximize engagement. Some brands tweet as often as 15 or 20 times per day, tweet around 10 times a day for now. 

The key is to not only promote yourself or your company logo design. You can fill up your content calendar with almost anything! Tweets from your followers, relevant industry articles, Buzzworthy stats, breaking news. personal updates, you can even share your own blog posts and much more! The list goes on and on. 

But hey! Make sure to share content that your audience is actually interested in, whether that’s Tweeting about sales, product tutorials, or current events so be choosy in what you share, If you’re not sure what that to tweet about, then leverage your Twitter Analytics to learn more about what appeals to your audience best.  

You might want to use tools to help you with that, buffer.com is a great website to queue up your tweets for the whole week!