Create An Outstanding Profile 

  • Cover photo 

The Twitter profile header image can be likened to a magazine cover. You want to change it on a regular basis and use the space to showcase your brand. It’s much larger than your profile image – with the recommended size being 1500×1500 pixels, so you can do a lot more with it. No matter what you choose to do, however, make sure it coordinates with your profile image for better aesthetics. 

You Can Use Your Header Image To Feature: 

  • New products 
  • Top-selling sticker printing
  • Top-selling products and services 
  • Book launch 
  • A team photo 
  • Your store or office 
  • Your business at a trade show 

A special event Regardless of the photo you choose, optimize all of your images by saving the image filename with branded keywords. This increases your chances of being found in an image search. 

Profile Photo 

Your business or brand needs to use a version of its logo that is easy to recognize and represent your brand. But if your logo is not too impressive, a facial photo of yourself will be great! 

As you determine whether or not you need to create a separate logo, you need to consider image size, color, and how it will look from a mobile device. The recommended file size is 400 by 400 pixels. Twitter supports JPEG, GIF, and PNG file formats up to 2 megabytes in size. 


In this part, you just have 160 characters in total in order to briefly tell what your business is about and why people should follow you, you can put your location, phone number and website, keep in mind that the bio is searchable! That means that you can even put keywords and hashtags in it, be creative with it, check your competition to see what they have in their bio, and think about what you can do but even better. 

Follow to be followed 

In order to get followers organically, you will need to have a great number of followers first, in order to do that, try to follow people that you want to hear about, people that works in the same industry as yours, and people that might be interested in your business, retweet and reply their latest tweets and they will surely follow back, your followers rate will increase a lot from there! 

In conclusion, Twitter is an international platform with millions of users. It’s just as valuable (if not more valuable) for racking up an audience. 

First, you need to optimize your profile. Bio, cover photo, profile picture, start tweeting relevant content, retweet and reply to other tweets and start following to be followers, these tips are crucial to follow if you want to build a great Twitter account as a business.