So now that you have your company seal, the next thing to do is to actually use them, but before you use them you need to know what type of company seal you have. If you have a pocket company seal then you can use it everywhere because it is portable and can be stored in your business satchel, however, if your company have the desk company seal, as the name suggests, you can only use it on a desk or somewhere stationary because of its size and weight, making it a hassle to travel around with it.  

Next, the type of documents that can be used with company seals are a lot, in this list, we will give some examples on what are the types of documents a company seal can be used for : 

  • International Documents 
  • High-level Deeds And Contracts 
  • Real Estate Transfers And Land Contracts 
  • Employment Contracts 
  • Vendor Agreements 
  • Legal Documents 
  • Membership Certificates 
  • Agreements Of Sale 
  • Minutes Of Meetings 
  • Loan Mortgages And Documents 
  • Company Resolutions 
  • Leases 
  • Loan Documents 
  • Other Commitments By The Company 
  • Stock Certificates 
  • Membership Certificates 

As you can see, a company seal is very useful, especially if your business is getting bigger and need to make a decision during a limited time, having to request every executives’ signature is often very demanding and time-consuming, therefore a company seal is a solution for it.