If you are looking for a job inside an agency, then you would probably need to improve your skills on a few digital tools first. Those that work in marketing know that there are expected to know about everything: social media, email marketing, customer service and content creator are just a few examples. Which are the basic tools that we might need to jump right into a digital marketing agency? 

1. Canva 

For beginners, Canva is the greatest option out there. This is a web-based tool that may help you to start creating content to share on social media or blogs. You can either work with their sources such as custom templates or their stock images or use your own pictures and edit them just the way you need them to be. Remember: use your creativity so the result is original, and you get a unique product that no one has ever seen before! 

2. MailChimp 

In case you need to learn on how email marketing works, MailChimp may be the one. This platform works great for those that are just starting in the digital area and have a free plan, which will help you to send newsletters or share campaigns through emails or ads and keep a detailed report on them. It can be practical if you need to send an email to a lot of contacts all at once! 

3. Google Analytics  

You may have heard of this one before, because Google Analytics is one of the most used websites used in digital marketing nowadays. It is a very useful tool which gives you a lot of information towards your business such as how many visitors do you have and what do they do in there daily. Keep a track on what the users love about the company’s page and what there is to improve whether it is the content, products, or other aspects.  

4. LiveChat 

If you are looking for a way on how to establish contact with the visitors on a business page, then LiveChat might help you. This software gives an amazing customer services and helps them feel supported in case their need help. You can get in contact through a box chat that pops up on the page. It is very important to keep potential customers satisfied and this may be one of the greatest ways to communicate and answer their questions and doubts. 

5. Woobox 

This is mostly known to be a social engagement website that encourages the use of interactive content. It is very easy to use, and it will help you collect all the data you need. Using Woobox can either involve the uses of a particular hashtag to get more visibility or you can use it in contests or giveaways to pick random winners, which gives credibility to those that have participated in it. It has a free version you can check out and use for 30 days.