Let’s Talk About How to Choose the Right Font for Your Sticker 

2. Know Your Market and Select Your Font Accordingly 

Who is the target consumer of your product? Is it for children, teenager, or adult? If it’s for children, playful font might be the right answer but if it’s for adult standard serif font might be the best answer.  

3. Use Display Font and Simple Font for Your Product 

Display font is used to highlight your product’s name while simple font is used to relay important information about the product. If you use display font for both your product’s name and its information, it will be hard for your customer to read them. In contrary, if you only use simple font for your product, your product will be unnoticeable by your customer.  

4. Make Sure Your Font Is Legible 

Making sure your font is legible is a given. Why would you use illegible words for your brand? What’s the point of the font, then? 

5. Prepare Several Font Alternatives Before Making Your Final Decision 

Before making your final decision, prepare several font alternatives and apply the fonts on your sticker dummies. Compare all of the alternatives and choose the one that you think represent your product well.  

16 Recommended Fonts for Your Sticker 

Here are some recommended fonts for your sticker Singapore

For a Simple and Elegant Look 

  • LoraGaramond 
  • Larosa Sans Elegant 
  • Hello Paris 

For an Earthy and Artisanal Look 

  • Homemade Apple 
  • Bella Donna 
  • AlchemionCrafty Girls 

For a Playful and Fun Look 

  • Lakki Ready 
  • Pacifico 
  • Lobster Two 
  • Princess Sofia 

For a Modern and Bold Look 

  • Raleway 
  • MADE Canvas 
  • Harrison 
  • Gill Sans