Sticker in Singapore can be used individually, especially for the office or your home. In this blog, you can read what the top 5 stickers are.

Number 1: Floor Stickers

Be it in the children's room or bathroom: floor stickers can be used in many ways. It can hide quirks or be a real eye-catcher. 

The floor sticker is also ideal as an alternative floor covering, for example, to replace a carpet. The motif and the dimensions can be individually determined and printed quickly and easily at a sticker printing shop.

Number 2: Tile Stickers

Tile stickers are probably the alternative to avoid an expensive bathroom or kitchen renovation. As long as the tiles are still in good condition, you can easily mask them with a suitable sticker to create an entirely new look. 

However, tile stickers should be chosen wisely as not every type of sticker appears to be suitable. Unique tile sticker printings are provided with an extra-strong adhesive to ensure a strong and long hold. Furthermore, tile stickers usually have a laminate as standard, which also protects the sticker from moisture and dirt.

Number 3: Window Sticker

Window stickers can be used in several different ways. They serve as privacy screens, as eye-catchers, as information carriers in shop windows, or for advertising purposes. Custom-made window stickers are trendy because they can be uniquely and individually adapted to your windows' dimensions. 

In particular, environmentally friendly window stickers such as static or YUPO-Tako stickers are efficient, can be reused, and do not leave behind any annoying adhesive residue.

Number 4: Door Sticker

Door stickers are often used for information purposes as they and modernly show opening times or the house number, for example. The text can be ordered in all possible sizes and designs. 

This type of sticker can also be used inside the house, for example, on glass or wooden doors. In offices, the door sticker is used to pass on information such as the toilet room.

Number 5: Wall Stickers

Even Wall stickers are an absolute bestseller. They can be ideally attached as decor and also cover unsightly stains. They can also be used in almost any room, whether bathroom, living room, or kitchen. 

Wall stickers can beautify any room. And that with little effort and expense. The sticker can be ordered from Kiasu Print as a text sticker or as a motif sticker. You can also order your own individual stickers to beautify your home or office inexpensively.

Final Thoughts

They're tiny, but they steal the show: stickers are a great commodity to market. Stickers may express a brand message, illustrate the design or animation abilities, and give valuable knowledge to consumers, which is simple to make, lightweight for shipment, and needs little storage room.

Stickers have a pretty big horizon in terms of the potential audience, unlike t-shirts or mugs that belong to a single segment. They are an efficient and low-cost product, highly inexpensive and enjoyable, which is often enticing to potential customers.