An innovative and cost-effective way to reach out to clients and prospects today is to distribute effective stickers. Stickers can be effective advertising tools if properly designed. You offer stickers as presents, people start wearing them on their personalized phone covers, and their friends get to see this, making them interested in your brand.  

This post will take a look at the top 5 tips for making useful promotional stickers. Let's take a look at them below; 

Plan Ahead 

Sticker distribution requires careful preparation, much like any other marketing campaign you'd bring out for your brand. Style fails, and when an organization waits for di-minute to buy stickers, money might get lost. Generally, sticker creation takes 5-12 working days. However, it would help if you still considered the time it takes to formulate a concept, think of feedback from the maker, and plan the artwork appropriately. A sticker represents a reflection of the company/brand it represents. Being in haste means that you might get a subpar outcome (sticker). 

Consider Where it is Best to Apply the Sticker.  

Where do you ideally see the application of your advertising stickers? The response to this question will help to decide the sticker's shape and size. For instance, a sticker intended to be displayed on a car appears different from a sticker designed to be displayed on a person's clothes. It needs white ink that reflects light if you think of creating a sticker to be reflected in a window. Note that regardless of the sticker's size or color, the meaning must be communicated quickly and simply.  

Evaluate How Sticky it Should Be 

I assume you don't want to buy a sticker just to find that it doesn't stick to the object to which it was supposed to stick appropriately. There are different adhesives from which to pick. Be as precise as practicable on the sticker's expected purpose when dealing with a sticker distributor such that the proper adhesive is used during manufacturing. 

Match Colors With Your Brand 

Sticker designs that are designed for fun can be of any color in the palette. In comparison, those made for brands have to be a perfect match to it. Note that not all stickers can have your brand name on them, but at least they should be able to build a powerful connection. 

Make Sure You Use the Whole Space. 

The highest target is usually the front of the sticker, which is to be viewed, but have it in the back of your mind that you can use the sticker's back. The available space can be used for ads, vouchers, news, copying of postcards, etc. Note that it should be as straightforward as possible to build the sticker's front, which is why the back of the sticker is a perfect area to have more descriptive details. 


Using stickers for adverts is one of the most effective ways of growing your brand. The five tips outlined in this article should help you design a effective sticker printing for your business.