3. Kappboom 

Kappboom has many more options in choosing iPhone wallpapers. It offers more than 100,000 wallpapers that can be edited. Hence you can get more personal wallpapers for your iPhone. 

Besides providing editing tools, Kappboom lets the users create collages to get a better experience in expressing themselves. This app shows the provided wallpapers with a slideshow. It makes the users easier to get the preview before setting it on the screen. 

4. Walli 

Walli is a great platform that provides many high-quality wallpapers. The wallpapers are created by multiple artists. Walli is like a place where artists can showcase their artworks freely and get recognition. 

Since the wallpapers and cool poster printing provided in Walli are created by artists, the wallpapers are artistic, unique, and have a great interface. You can find what you want easily by using the 'search option' or choose the category you like. 

5. Icon Skins & Themes 

Icon Skins & Themes presents great and unique wallpapers from many categories. The wallpapers in this app have high quality with high definition since they are optimized for retina resolution. 

This wallpaper app updates its collection every week. To experience the pro features, you have to subscribe and pay every 3 months. Before deciding to take it, you can enjoy 3 days of a free trial. It is worth the wallpapers' quality you can get for your iPhone. 

These 5 wallpaper apps for iPhone can help you to collect favorite wallpapers. They contain ads, yet they provide an ads-free version with more features that requires you to pay. Choose an app that is suitable for your taste and get a high visual iPhone screen.