The logo being the first graphic element that people see, that’s the most important aspect of a company’s brand. Logo design is therefore crucial for many graphic designers.  

While 2020 saw its share of successful rebranding or even revisited logos due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we tried to identify the major logo design trends that are emerging for 2021.  

While it’s never easy to design an iconic and recognizable visual identity at a glance, these 6 trends could help you design effective and impactful logos in 2021.  


Logos have become simpler in recent years and this long-standing trend shows no signs of slowing down in 2021.  

Businesses are increasingly using digital tools to communicate with their audiences. This new evolution requires simple and concise graphics. Designers abandon complex patterns and overly complicated fonts. Instead, they opt for minimalist designs that replicate a variety of sizes and supports. The major disadvantage of this trend is that we are gradually moving towards a standardization of logos and a lesser originality. 

Use of Original Typographies  

If you have a text-based logo, feel free to use creative typographic solutions to highlight your company’s personality. A personalized and original font has the power to completely transform your logo.  

Instead of rearranging your old font, it’s sometimes easier to create a new one and let your imagination run wild!  

Think about the typography that can best capture the essence of your brand while keeping in mind that a good logo design must remain legible and easy to perceive.