Making Good Use of Gradients 

Gradients seem to have infinite potential for logo creation! Basically, a gradient is a smooth transition between shades of the same color. This is how we create a «breathable» 3D image that is distinguished by its dynamics and energy.  

Small printing tip: make sure that all the colour shades of your logo are printed correctly. 

Using Evanescent Letters  

One sure way to attract the attention of your target audience is to propose a riddle. Give your graphic design a mysterious look by removing part of the word, using faded colors or leaving a line half finished. It is a technique that is both visually impactful and subtle. However, we must carefully measure the risk of ending up with a completely illegible logo. 

Using of Negative Spaces  

Negative space is an empty space inside or around a graphic element or letter. This free space can do wonders for creating visual identities! You can use it to your advantage, giving it meaning. It is impossible to miss a logo containing a puzzle of negative space! It literally hypnotizes the viewer, making him want to decipher all the meanings hidden in the drawing. Here you will find some logos of the negative space. 

Fine Lines  

Imagine a drawing made with a sharp pencil. A nice logo design made of fine and chiseled lines that give it an ethereal appearance. This is the essence of this new trend. This beautiful technique is based on serif-free fonts and simple geometry. No massive lines or heavy patterns. This will give you an elegant and easy-to-scale visual identity that looks perfect on different media.