Graphic design is a discipline that constantly evolves and, like fashion, follows trends. They emerge, impose themselves and often disappear … to better reappear a few years later. But then, what about the logos in 2021? Here are some of the answers you may have to work on if you plan to create or renew a logo during the coming year.  


The minimalist design still has good years ahead. It is also clearly privileged in our graphic designs for 2021, especially in our logos.  

In 2021, minimalism translates into logos with more and more fine lines, for more elegance and aesthetics. There is also a sharp increase in logos designed in black and white, or in very neutral colors, which are integrated into this minimalist trend.  

Unique Fonts  

More minimalist, the logo has become much simpler over time. Its design is sometimes based on its typography alone.  

Since this simplification coincided with the standardization of the various fonts, we now deplore too many similarities between the logos. However, a brand must at all costs stand out from its competitors, and that starts with its logo.  

To achieve this, many companies return to the drawing board to design their own typography. They offer unique fonts, reflecting their individuality. 

The Retro Style  

The retro design is gradually making its comeback, playing on our nostalgic feelings. In 2021, modern retro logos multiply, combining a vintage style with innovative approaches.  

A hybrid style particularly effective in the trade and logistics sectors, but also in construction, rental, cafes and pubs, showrooms and hair salons.  

The WordMark  

So why go looking for graphic elements to create a logo when the name of your company can be more than enough.  

It goes without saying that you should not be mistaken in typography, in the spacing of the letters and the colors since they are essential to helping define your brand image.  

Responsive Logos  

Already among the 2020 trends, responsive logos will be more present than ever in 2021.  

It must be said that the evolution of technologies is such that the display media of your logo are always more numerous and more varied. Also, it is essential to have a logo that will adapt to each support. 

A logo may more or less be detailed depending on whether it is displayed on a website or a printed sheet or whether it appears on a small or large screen.  

Motion Design  

Generally, a simple logo design is in the form of a static image that is then integrated into all communication media and brand products.  

The year 2021 changes this state of affairs with logos that enter into motion. Today, visual advertising is intrinsically linked to animation and videos. Especially since the technology of the design of animated images has progressed significantly in recent years, to the point of becoming accessible to the greatest number, favoring its popularity. 

The logos staged through motion design are a great way to make a brand more engaging, further pushing the boundaries of marketing.  

The Asymmetry  

The symmetrical logo is dead, long live the asymmetrical logo! Once again, 2021 gives a kick in the established forms and highlights the freer and abstract illustrations.  

The strictly structured grids thus leave more and more room for free composition. The elements of the logo are integrated in a more “chaotic” way, making the design more unique.