8. Commercial Type 

Commercial Type was set up by designers Paul Barnes and Christian Schwartz. The duo have worked together since 2004 on various typeface projects, most notably the award-winning Guardian Egyptian.

At Commercial Type you can view and purchase numerous font designs developed by Barnes and Schwartz, their staff, and outside collaborators.  

9. Friends of Type 

Friends of Type is a type and lettering sketch blog run by Erik Marinovich, Aaron Carámbula, Jason Wong and Dennis Payongayong. These four designers continually upload original typographic design and lettering.

There's no messing about either, not a thumbnail in sight, just pages full of huge, gorgeous images to inspire you.  

10. Fonts.com 

Fonts.com has a dedicated learning section, which provides useful and relevant information about the typographic arts, although it is no longer updated as regularly as it once was.

Here, you can learn everything from the foundations of type and practical uses to numbers, signs and symbols, and the fundamentals of type technology.  

11. Fonts in Use 

Fonts in Use does exactly what it says on the tin, or website, in this case, showcasing type at work in the real world.

Many of the examples are also accompanied by a write-up to give you a true understanding as to why that particular font was chosen for the job.

This is a great resource for artists unsure about picking fonts for individual projects. 

12. Typewolf 

Typewolf aims to assist web designers and developers with typography by providing daily inspiration and pointers.

The large, non-scaled-down screengrabs clearly show off the fonts used in each design and, usefully, demonstrate fonts in use on actual websites, brochure printing, as well as background info about the font and personal recommendations for similar fonts. 

14. NYC Type 

Luke Connolly likes New York and what better way are there to express that love than by photographing its best typography?

Whilst walking around the city, Luke takes out his Nikon D700 and clicks away at any lettering that takes his fancy. 

He features all five boroughs of New York, which means that the blog features a colorful expansion of every kind of typography you could ever wish for.

Okay, maybe not every kind, but the whole of New York is a pretty good start.