4. Typeverything 

The name of this site says it all really. Typeverything is a brilliant blog, which features type lettering in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles, by a handful of talented artists.

The site is clean, organized, and simple to use, simply scroll down to take in hundreds of inspirational images.  

5. Playtype 

Typefaces are something of an obsession at Copenhagen design agency e-Types, so the team set up an online type foundry Playtype.

At this stylish website, you can buy fonts and read the news, and there's also a handy typographer's glossary. 

6. I Love Typography 

I Love Typography was founded by British-born writer, publisher, and graphic designer John Boardley.

Now one of the world's most popular fonts and typography blogs, ILT has amassed its huge following from the wealth of brilliant tips, training advice, news and interviews it features on the subject of type.  

7. Beautiful Type 

Beautiful Type was started in 2010 by two web designers, Francis Choquet and Aurélien Foutoyet, who share the same passion for typography.

This gorgeous Tumblr blog does exactly what it says on the tin and showcases incredible typography illustrations and inspiring videos from around the web. It also has a page dedicated to awesome design and type-related books. 

You can use the above if you want to design amazing flyer printing.