Are you looking for a free and easy-to-use graphic design software? You are coming to the right place! We went around the web to find the 2 most recommended apps.  

Canva, best graphic design software for beginners and SMEs  

Beginners looking for graphic design software can turn to Canva, one of the simplest tools to use.  

Key Features  

Canva allows you to create visuals of any shape and in record time: posters, flyers, brochures, wedding invitation card printing, banners, logos, infographics, animations on social networks, etc. In addition, it contains hundreds of templates and models that can help users find inspiration to create their own designs. Some of the best features offered by this tool include: 

Create Visuals Easily  

The software offers several predefined templates. Just choose the one that inspires you, customize it and you’re done! For the most creative of you, the tool also allows you to create your own templates. Note that the graphic design software offers a color palette, text editor, icons, frames and much more. 

Adapting images to the constraints of the web and social networks  

If you are a community manager or just someone who is used to creating visuals for social networks, Canva is for you! Why? The graphic design software offers custom templates for each type of publication.  

So you won’t need to know all the image sizes for each social network, since Canva does it for you.  

Before creating your visual, Canva allows us to choose the format that best suits our needs: Instagram or Facebook publication, YouTube vignette, Facebook Ads, Pinterest pin, etc. And the good news, the solution also allows us to customize the dimensions of our visuals. 

Copyright Free Images 

To create your own images, Canva provides you with hundreds of royalty-free images. You can also upload your own images. 

 Working in a Group  

The good news is that Canva gives us the opportunity to work collaboratively. This is a feature that will surely please people who are used to working in groups to make visuals. Remember that the list of features cited is not exhaustive!