CorelDRAW, a Free Graphic Design Software  

It is a tool that allows you to create visuals of very good quality, and from almost any device, with tools for vector illustration, layout, photo editing, typography, models, etc. 

Key Features  

The features offered by the software are multiple, hence the success of this tool.  

Retouching of Photos  

Retouching and improving photos on CorelDRAW is a breeze, thanks to the tools provided by Corel Photo-Paint.  

The software allows you to adjust the colors and hues of a photo, remove imperfections, correct perspective, etc. 

And the good news, AfterShot 3 HDR helps to create photos with large dynamic range from a simple RAW format.  

Vector Illustration  

The user can use several vector illustration tools to create unique visuals. He will have at his disposal drawing and shaping tools, Effect tools, and much more.  


People who are used to working in groups to create illustrations will probably fall under the spell of this graphic design software.  

The collaboration tools are impressive and allow teams to work together on achievements, share them in the cloud, annotate and comment on them using the CorelDRAW app, etc.  

Note that the tool is compatible with more than 100 formats: AI, PSD, PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, DWG, DXF, EPS, etc. In addition, the software contains:  

  • 7,000 cliparts, digital images and models;  
  • 1,000 high-resolution digital photos;  
  • Over 1,000 policies;  
  • 150 professional models;  
  • More than 600 vector, gradient and bitmap surfaces.
  • More then 100 of beautiful sticker printing templates