3. Palatine Font 

If you are wondering what the best fonts are for making a graphic, you should think about Palatino.

Palatino has been used for quite a long time by graphic artists, and it is not too difficult to understand.

With this font, you can easily create fascinating designs. This font is quite popular with web designers, and it can be seen on many websites. 

4. Colour Fonts 

In terms of colours, there are a lot of incredible options available. While there are always traditional white and black options, there are many fun fonts available for people who want to inject some colour into their sticker printing designs.

For example, many people use orange, green, and purple when they want to add some pizzazz to their designs. However, you cannot just choose any colours, because you need to make sure that the colours will complement each other well.

So, it is better to use solid colours for your text and then play with the colours using your fonts. 

Finding the top graphic fonts for your design does not have to be a big problem. As long as you know what kinds of fonts you should use and how to use them effectively, you will create a great graphic image.

You can also take a look at various websites to get an idea of the kinds of graphic fonts that are currently popular.

With this kind of information, you can easily create a great graphic image that will really stand out.