After deciding to make stickers, it's essential to take note of certain factors. These factors will determine whether or not the sticker will achieve the purpose for which it was created or if it will fill the need. Here are seven factors that affect the fate of stickers; 

First, you will need to decide what material type to choose for your sticker design. There are several materials to choose from depending on your choice and material features. For instance, you could use vinyl, paper, polyester, Polypropylene, Fluorescent Paper, etc. There is a need to think through the sticker's need and compare the need with sticker material to make the right choice. 

Secondly, you need to consider where the sticker will be placed. Different sticker types are suitable for other places. For instance, Vinyl stickers are durable and resistant to both the sun and hot weather, while Chromo stickers fade when exposed to direct sunlight. That means the vinyl sticker is good for outdoor while the chromo sticker is suitable for indoor. If this is not put into consideration, the objective of having a sticker will be defeated. 

Also, you will need to design the sticker in line with your target audience's preferences. This is key to attract the right set of people. For instance, if you intend to attract the children, stickers will need to be colorful with specific design features that can catch their attention. On the other hand, if you want to attract adults, just make the design simple and elegant.  

Additionally, you will need to choose a favorable size for your sticker; depending on where it will place, size matters. I have seen different sticker size on cars, and sometimes I wonder at the waste. Some stickers are just too small for anyone to read or get, even if the car was parked. You will need to draw much closer to be able to see it. That's a waste of resources. If it is on a car, I should see it clearly at an appreciable distance. 

Well, some stickers are just a right off seeing them from afar. The design is not just it at all. I have seen different sticker printing that do not even deserve my attention from afar. Sometimes it is just the color combination or arrangements that put one-off. If I can appreciate it from afar, I won't even bother getting close to it. I am supposed to be attracted from afar and then engrossed with the design in a closer look.  

Don't ever do a sticker without a purpose. There must a goal you are trying to achieve with the sticker. If not, there will be nothing you measure your goal with. You may do stickers to promote an event or market a product. It must have a goal you will measure it against. Without this, you may as well be wasting resources creating it.  

Finally, come up with a good distribution strategy. It is of no use to have the sticker designed and delivered to the wrong people or stock in place without seeing it appropriately. Have a good distribution strategy that can be monitored so as to know if it is reaching the right set of people.  

These seven factors will determine the stickers' fate whether or not they will be used for the same purpose it was designed. These factors determine the future of the stickers. If these features are no longer put into consideration. Then there is no sticker in the first place or our line of action.