Sticker has always been an impactful marketing medium especially in Singapore. Sticker printing Singapore business has been going steady for this purpose as sticker can raise your brand awareness in an effective and economical way. You can use sticker for marketing your product, your product labels, vouchers, and many more. A good sticker can draw anyone’s attention as soon as they laid their eyes on it. 

Here are some top tips for you to create a sticker that stick out: 

1. Simplify Your Idea, Less Detail 

A sticker is not a brochure. You cannot explain everything about your company or brand on a small sticker. Even if it’s a big sticker, it can’t be too complicated. The more complicated it is, the more forgettable it is. A sticker is a medium for you to create a straighforward impact thus cluttered sticker is out of question. It’s better for you to put a catchy flash art or unique vector image to cacth people’s attention from the get-go. No need to add unnecessary texts and explanations. 

2. Use Unique Shape 

While rectangle or round stickers are popular, they are actually too overused. You can play with sticker shapes to draw more attention. Go for more unorthodox-looking shapes. Some places will charge you more for printing stickers with unique shapes but it is worth it since people are attracted to atypical design. 

3. Limit Your Fonts 

Yes, combining fonts might be a great idea for brochure or any other form of printed media. But not for sticker. Limit your font usage when you design a sticker. This way, your sticker will be more digestible and stick out. Too much details with numerous types of fonts can worsen your sticker’s impact. 

4. Make It Legible 

One of the most important things to note is legibility of your sticker. You have to make sure that your sticker is readable. Ideally, a sticker should be able to express your brand or company without too much words. But if you are aiming for text-based sticker, legibility of the sticker should be in your mind when you are designing it. To make your sticker more impactful, it is best for you to use large font. 

5. Use ‘Enough’ Colour Scheme 

The best design is an ‘enough’ design. What does it mean? It means a design is perfectly addressed your needs and you can’t add more or less visual assets onto it. The same goes for its colour scheme. Too much colour scheme does not make your sticker stick out but it dulls its impact instead. In contrast, a single solid colour often fails too. So, make sure you use just ‘enough’ colour scheme that accentuate your brand and your product. 

6. Keep It Consistent with Your Company’s Branding 

Sticker is not the only way of marketing medium. If you have other means of marketing medium, always ask yourself is your design across multiple mediums are consistent? Or are they look like a stand-alone? If you are inconsistent with your design, then it will only confuse people and it will be harder for them to associate the mediums with your brand. So, always make sure that your sticker design is consistent with your branding and other mediums of yours to make it easier for people to associate them together. 

Those are top tips from us for you who want to create a sticker design that stick out. Keep it in mind, and maybe you will come up with mind-blowing design that grabs people’s attention!