You may think that this type of stamp is already outdated especially when compared to the much more convenient types of stamps such as the pre inked stamp and self inking stamp. However, you may not realize that a wooden traditional rubber stamp can be quite unique in its own way, mostly thanks to the classic look and feel it gives off. That is why it is still occasionally demanded.  

More Available Sizes 

There are more size options available for the traditional wooden rubber stamp compared to self inking or pre inked stamps. With a traditional wooden rubber stamp, you can choose to make your stamp in any size ranging from .25 to 6 inches according to your needs. It is great if you need smaller or bigger than average stamp for special uses. 


A traditional wooden rubber stamp is the alternative that is cheaper compared to the other types of stamp. You can save up more money by choosing this stamp while still having a good quality and durable stamp due to the nature of the material. 

Various Ink Options 

You are left with more ink options if you choose to use a wooden rubber ink. Inks that work on skin, fabric, or industrial surfaces can work well with the traditional wooden rubber stamp. You can easily change the color you want at any time as well. 

Uses of Traditional Wood Rubber Stamp 

There are a lot of uses of rubber stamps, even the traditional ones. Anything the self inking stamp and pre inked stamp capable of doing, the traditional wooden rubber stamp can do it too. 

It is especially good to help people in the business scene. 

Stamping Logo 

You can leave your company's distinct mark on various documents, packing slips, coffee sleeves, any many other. Since you can choose to use any ink with a wooden rubber stamp, you can always adjust it with the type of surface you want your mark on. 

Signature Stamps 

You can create your signature into a stamp. This will absolutely help you in performing the dull and tedious job. You can perform it quicker, and you will be able to do it with less worry of mistake. Your signature will always look neat, uniform, and legible at all times. 

Seal Stamps 

A rubber stamp is one of the essentials for making a corporate seal, to notarize documents, or other things along the line. It can be really personalized, so it is highly adjustable to the needs and wants of the maker or requester of the stamp. 

As long as you can be creative with it, stamps can always be made according to the purpose intended for it to be produced. Just make sure that you find the best place to have your stamp produced so that you can get a high quality stamp. It is best to invest in a stamp that is capable of leaving crisp and sharp imprint but also has high durability so that it can last for a long time.