1. Pastel Colors

After the chaos of 2020, graphic design is part of soft and human hues. The contrast is made with dark complementary shades. It is the expression of a desire to reassure. If your brand design and graphic design imposes flashy colors on you: unmold your colorful range in order to preserve a corporate aura and yet still be trendy… 

2. Typography: Everything is Bigger

In 2021 the fonts are displayed in large! An imbalance serving essential and sincere messages. The 2021 trend also marks the comeback of serif characters. The graphic Punchy is here! Both in slide design and motion design.  

3.Photography: Make More Sense With Mixed Images!  

We no longer choose between photography and illustration… We mix! The tendency is to stage real subjects, often human, cut off in a simple, yet rich universe of geometric patterns. 

4. Interface: the Neumorphism Revolution!  

Neumorphism, one of the major trends 2021, is a realistic rendering of the elements of UI Design (button interface, digital design). This rendering should be imposed and gradually mark the end of the cycle of flat design that needed to be renewed. Are you launching a digital project that will last over time? This might be the right trend for you, as it will allow your interface to last for many years to come.  

5. Social Networks: On  “Decks” Visuals  

Creating posts or stories with an image is good, but its way better with a series of images! It is, therefore, necessary to imagine multi-image publications that are linked (decks) either visually or by a logical sequence of thematic messages. Network algorithms love it! 

6. Dynamic Animations  

The profusion of animated visuals is getting trendier with the desire to attract even more… on the web, on networks, and in Motion Design of course, with notably the democratization of 3D animations that allows the staging of products on all its seams.  

7. Simplified DataViz  

Presenting key figures, assets or values graphically is data visualization… the DataViz! In recent years, they have been enriched with icons and increasingly sophisticated illustrations. The 2021 trend marks a return to the essentials… to simplicity. The right typography will be set to the pixel. Brand Design/ Slide Design/ Editorial Design 

8. Towards Asymmetric Compositions  

In 2021 the compositions are reaffirmed! The designers will imagine subtle games of asymmetric imbalances in order to affirm the concepts. The composition is intended to be a choice of graphics to really assert the information. Ideal for screens: Application, Motion Design, Social media, Slide Design  

9. Geometric Patterns  

Squares, triangles, circles… 2021 will be dressed in geometric shapes. Patterns that intervene to break the monotony of colored shapes in the form of a screen, in repetition or in the form of a mask… 

10. Motion Design 

We saw that the 2021 trend for typography was to be displayed in very large. The Motion Design picks up this technique and puts it to good use. Animated text on a clean background and messages are more impactful and sincere. Everything lies in the subtlety of animation: the challenge is to be sober and efficient.