This Is How Netflix Learns What You Really Like 

If you want to get better Netflix recommendations, you should simply rate as many films and series as possible. Even those that you didn't see on Netflix at all, but elsewhere.  

Especially at the beginning, Netflix doesn't know what to watch and suggests a correspondingly colorful selection. But even later, it is worth telling Netflix which films and series you particularly liked - or not at all. 

Look Offline 

To use the offline mode, you have to download the current version of Android or iOS. The list of downloadable content can be found in the menu that appears when you tap the symbol at the top left. 

Once you have decided on a download, the procedure is child's play: You open the information page for the film or series, and the download symbol appears there.  

At the top for films, next to the episode for series. If you tap on it, it is added to the download queue, which is then processed. The app shows a blue bar at the bottom to reach them quickly, which also shows how many objects have already been completed. 

To find a list of the already loaded series and films, you have to open the menu again. You will find the point "My Downloads" Here, you can easily delete content that has already been viewed. 

Adjust Subtitles 

Whether for the original sound or the hearing impaired: Netflix also offers subtitles for all content. If the television is too far away, it can quickly turn out to be too small.  

No problem, because practically everyone can adapt the subtitles to always easy to see - even across devices. To do this, open the settings via the account symbol and click on "My Account."  

Under the item "Subtitle Display," all details of the subtitles can be edited, from the font to the text size and color to the shadow and additional background. After each change, a preview shows how they will look in the future.