Type of Papers for Wedding Invitation: Part 3

Canvas cardstock
Canvas cardstock has a more textured feel and looks of it, but the texture is more noticeable than linen. While it feels thicker, it is still thin enough to go through a printer. Because the basketweave texture is rather prominent, it pairs beautifully with lighter, more delicate envelopes.

Parchment is a thin, semi-translucent paper that has a slightly marbled look to it. It’s subtle and soft, and although it is not very thick, it can hold ink well and it layers nicely with vellum or cotton cardstock to add depth to the whole look. Use this as envelopes or envelope liners, overlays, pouches, and other invitation suite accents, rather than for the wedding invitation itself.

Felt Cardstock
Felt cardstock is a thick cardstock that has a texture somewhere between cotton and canvas. It is smooth and yet coarse at the same time. 

Kraft has a rustic look that has been growing more and more lately. It has the same texture as the coarse paper used for brown grocery bags, only thicker and more polished. It is smooth to the touch, but still has a textured look that’s perfect for your rustic or outdoor weddings.

Knowing the type of paper that you want to use is essential before printing a wedding invitation card in Singapore. As you have learned about the type of papers, you might want to know how o choose depending on the card's layout. We will discuss more in the last part of the article!