Type of Papers for Wedding Invitation: Part 2

Cotton Cardstock
This type of paper is made from cotton, thus the name. You may prefer this type of wedding invitation paper because of its strength and durability, and you will recognize it by its soft feel characteristic. The cotton paper absorbs ink better (thanks to the strong fibres) so coloured ink may appear richer, which makes it great for both laser and inkjet printing. It is smooth to the touch, it also gives wedding invitations a clean, modern look. It’s also considered to be “photo safe” which suggests it will keep better in your scrapbook and wedding albums for years to come.

This type of paper resembles what you might remember as tracing paper, it is sheer and frosted and usually layered on top of an opaque sheet of paper. They’re great for invitation cards, translucent vellum looks gorgeous on its own or layered over an illustration, artwork or photo. It was once made from animal skin, however, nowadays vellum is made from a cotton and wood pulp blend.

Linen Cardstock
A linen finish paper is a high-quality, cotton blend paper with a textured crosshatched surface. It is made to look like linen fabric with a delicate woven texture and matte finish. The basketweave texture is perfect for hiding imperfections or quality issues that you might run into when printing (just in case). This paper finish provides an elegant look.

Choosing the best paper for a wedding invitation card in Singapore might not be a simple task, but you can always figure things out by learning. Check the next part of the article to know more.