A high-quality blog article increases organic traffic and your awareness. For this, however, its content must consist of more than just empty phrases or linked posts. Read the following sections to find out what content captivates your readers. 

The Informative Article 

Ever since the triumph of smartphones, most people have been getting most of their information from the internet. Well-researched articles on a specific topic bring organic traffic and strengthen your reputation as an expert. 

Marketing firm HubSpot found that posts over 2,000 words get the most shared. Long posts with trusted sources create credibility. 

However, that doesn't mean you should fill your articles with redundant information. The following content is relevant for your target group: 

  • Statistics 
  • Study results 
  • Numbers (as long as the text doesn't get too dry) 
  • interesting historical facts that fit the topic 
  • Graphs and tables 
  • Quotes from experts 

The subject area decides how your blog should be structured. Numbers and tables are a better fit for a tech blog than a lifestyle blog. But you can also write competently and informatively about culture or fashion. 

For example, the "Coin Desk" blog regularly publishes news about cryptocurrencies. Thanks to its structured articles, it now has over 10 million unique visitors. 

The Instruction 

Undoubtedly, you have faced a practical problem at some point in your life to which you were looking for a solution. How do I build a website correctly? How do I lay tiles correctly? How do I remove a Trojan from my computer? 

Do-It-Yourself instructions offer readers tangible added value. You save them expensive, professional advice. If you help them with their concern, they will recommend your blog and keep coming back looking for tips. 

A successful example in this regard is "How does she."  

The English-language blog for mothers has over two million Facebook followers. In addition to original recipes, fun poster printing and decoration ideas, readers will find instructions for sewing curtains or Halloween costumes.