The Opinion 

In the print media, the column is considered the supreme discipline. By giving your opinion on a current topic, you move readers. To write this type of blog article correctly, you should follow a common thread and argue objectively. 

Politically and socially controversial topics are particularly suitable for starting a discussion. A well-founded commentary on economic developments or technical achievements is also interesting. 

The Video Contribution 

Not all internet users enjoy reading. With a vlog, the abbreviation for video blog, you can also reach the reading gruff.  

Many vloggers upload their posts to YouTube. But videos integrated into the blog also offer variety. The Lonely Planet vlog is an example of high-quality video contributions. The authors know how to combine stunning images with exciting texts. 

The Personal Report 

One of the strengths of the internet is making individual experiences available to a large audience. People want to read reviews and ratings about movies, hotels, cars, and diets in the internet era. 

Whether you are testing software, trying out restaurants, or reporting on smart home systems, your opinion counts. It is essential to have a balanced mix between objective criteria and personal impressions.