So you are thinking of making a company seal, and you decided to make a company seal, however, it turns out there is more than one type of company seal. In this article, we will try to explain some of the types of company seals out there. Hopefully, by the end of the article, you will gain some information about what type of company seals available for your business. 

But before we get into that, what is a company seal? 

Company / corporate seal or as some people wish to call it common seal, well as the name suggests, it is a seal for your company, but allow us to explain furthermore. a common seal is used for validating official documents. A company seal is very important because it represents the company’s signature and it represents the signatures of the executives of the corporate. But the usage of a corporate / company seal is strictly prohibited, because if everyone can use it then it will be possibly be misused, therefore usually a secretary is the person in charge of handling and keeping the corporate seals. 

Now that we explained what a company seal is, let’s dive deeper into what kind of company seal is available on the market now 

Pocket seal 

Pocket seals are the foremost popular common seals employed by corporations as they are favoured for their travel-friendly nature and efficiency. You will be able to assemble them quickly and use them nearly anywhere to emboss a clean and clear image or logo of your seal. Weighting only in 310 gr, but because their weight and dimension are smaller, they only come in one size, 35mm. Also, do note that due to its small size, the pocket seal can only accommodate a limited amount of papers. But what if you want to seal multiple papers quickly?