4. Abstract Pattern Wallpapers 

Do you want abstract patterns rather than colour schemes? You will get a lot of options for abstract wallpapers available online and download yours from there. Start searching at Wallpaper Abyss. Search for wallpapers with fractal art, psychedelic prints and kaleidoscope patterns. Since abstract images don't stand for anything physical, they have a pleasing and mesmerising effect. You can download such wallpapers from Fractal art wallpaper by New Evolution Designs, Grayscale pixelated pattern by Wallpaper Craft, Kaleidoscope pattern by Desktop Nexus and Colourful Tile Pattern by Wallpaper Abyss. 

5. Seasonal and Nature Scene Wallpapers 

It is not a secret that natural visuals have on your mind. Each season has a particular feel. If you want a particular season over the next, apply computer backgrounds to show what you wish to see. In January and December a wintry landscape can serve. Springtime stands for a gently dropping rain or a blooming flower. Summertime can mean images of the beach. This can require harvested crops or changing leaves. Use an image with a nice effect on you. Example of such downloads are Autumn nature trail by IZoom.me, Winter morning sunrise by Cool Digital Photography, Nature pictures by Unsplash and Tropical Island at sunset by Wallup.  

6. Minimalist Wallpapers 

For clearness use a wallpaper that has a minimalist aesthetic. It has a standalone phrase or word, or a simple motif within a corner. Ensure that you have a desktop well organised and free of clutters. A minimalist desktop impacts wallpapers with cool colours as you wish. Example of such downloads are Minimal jellyfish wallpaper by Techspot, Sneven's Chart Quote by Set As Wallpaper, Paperboat by Icanbecreative and Hadd Working Giraffe by Lifehack. 

7. Wallpapers for Organising Your Desktop 

You can use a wallpaper for streamlining a desktop. If you depend on file shortcuts, you can use wallpapers to line up the file you made. This can enable you to focus your attention on various tasks. You can use a wallpaper for arranging software icons to avoid certain distractions and match the workflow. Example you can group app shortcuts connected to a particular task. Example of such downloads are Workflow template by Brain Cubed, Task-priotising template by Mac Funamizu, Calendar and organising template and To-do desktop template by Design Liveforest.