Company stamps are the standard stamps used by an organization in its day-to-day operations. Stamps may also be used as an identifying mark, similar to a hologram.  

Company and stamps have a long history together. Stamps normally contain terms that are used repeatedly and must be correct every time.

Common stamps typically contain the company's logo, address, dates, and a variety of other details. Hand-made rubber stamps are the most popular kind of company stamp.

With technological advancements, special pre-inked and movable stamps have been made. Rubber stamp often come in a variety of sizes, which are discussed further below.  

Stamps with Handle: 

These are the most popular and standard types of Company stamps. In the corporate world, these stamps are customized by imprinting the brand name, motto, or product name for a specific marketing case. These stamps involve the use of a stamp pad.

A handle is attached to the stamp case, making for a firm grip. Handle mounted stamp sizes differ according to the number of posts, much as most stamps. These stamps are commonly available in circular and rectangular shapes.  

Message Stamp in Stock:  

These stamps usually have a special message that conveys a specific act. These stamps aid in the effective completion of daily activities. Stock letter stamps include confidential, copied, draught, repeat, entered, faxed, file copy, first-class mail, for deposit only delicate, initial, paying, past due, sent, received, hurry, urgent, invalid, and many more.

These stamps are available in two styles: pre-inked and handle mounted.  

Seal Stamps: 

These stamps feature the company's circular seal or badge. They come in pre-inked, self-inked, and manual styles.

The stamps are made with great care and accuracy, leaving a simple and crisp impression of the emblem.