Marketing your business with a postcard doesn't sound like a good idea in this digital era. But on the contrary, it is actually a good strategy.  

Traditional marketing  is something that still can be done in Singapore. Also, it does bring a profit. 

What's also great about it is that it is affordable as well as effective. 

So, there's really no reason why you should not use traditional marketing to ramp up your business. 

If you decide to use a postcard for marketing, here are three types of postcards that you can consider. 

1. Offer Postcard 

The offer postcard is the one that people often use for marketing. This type of postcard is one that is used to promote a particular product or service. 

Designing an offer postcard takes quite an effort as you should make it look intriguing and sound irresistible with a great copy. The design should use bright colors, high quality pictures, and relevant decorations to make it pop. 

The main component of an offer postcard is headline, offer, features, as well as benefits rundown and strong call to action as the closing part. 

2. Newsletter Postcard 

A newsletter is deemed as something that is not very economical, thus not a good choice for small to medium businesses to use for marketing. The newsletter postcard solves it for them. It is a great way to keep in touch with your customers in a more affordable price. Since a postcard newsletter not exactly a newsletter, you need to tweak it a little to fit the size. 

A newsletter postcard can be sent biweekly, once in a month, or either less or more frequently depending on your marketing strategy and budget. 

3. Invitation Postcard 

An invitation postcard is sent on a special occasion, such as if your brand is holding an event that. Of course, you need people to come, so ideally you can try to invite your target audiences as well as customers to attend your event using an invitation postcard. An invitation postcard is also a part of the marketing strategy, so you should still abide by the tips and tricks on how to make an effective postcard. 

Since it is an invitation, it is best that it sounds personal so that the recipient will feel special and more intrigued to come to the event. 

To make sure that these postcards are printed in the best quality, there are some things that you should consider, such as: 

1. Card Stock 

Choose premium card stock as much as possible even if it is more expensive because it is an effective way to make your postcard look more elegant and proper which will affect the impression of your brand positively. 

2. High Quality Printing 

Try not to print on your own at home. Instead, go to a printing shop with the design that you have made. There are tons of professional singapore postcard printing services that will produce your postcard in the best quality possible that you can choose from. 

3. Coating 

Coating makes your postcard look more beautiful and at the same time it provides your postcards protection. Undoubtedly, this is a type of finish that is most liked by people.