There are many different types of invitations. Of course, each is intended for different purposes as well. Not only that, each are designed differently to serve the purpose of inviting guests to the kind of event that the invitation is made for. 

Let's learn about some of the most popular types of invitation cards that you need to know. 

1. Handwritten Invitation Card 

Handwritten invitations may not be as popular as it used to be. But it is one of the most intimate ways of inviting people. Usually, handwritten invitation cards are meant for small events that involve less than 50 people, such as luncheons, private receptions, or small dinner parties. Since it needs time to write, it is not very suitable for big parties with an extensive list of guests. You can make handwritten invitation cards on card stocks or simple paper. If you want to make it sound more interesting, you can include a quote from a famous person for the invitation. If you want to go really personal, use a handwritten invitation card. 

2. Electronic Invitation Card 

Now, this one is definitely popular. These days, we just can't' do things without digital gadgets. 

The great thing about electronic invitations is that it definitely is more eco-friendly because we don't need to waste paper or stamps. Also, it gets delivered quicker.  

An electronic invitation is best to send if you ever make a last minute decision and you don't have enough time to send out a physical invitation card printing.

3. Wedding Invitation Card 

A wedding invitation can be physical and digital. Of course, sending actual wedding invitation cards would cost you more money. However, it is more memorable and proper that way. Don't forget to choose the most suitable type of card stock along with the envelope to complete the look. A wedding invitation can be delivered through the mail or hand-delivered. Just don't forget to get their reply card included so that they can RSVP to your event. 

4. Party Invitation Card 

Either a birthday, graduation, promotion, or other happy occasions in your life, you surely would want to celebrate it with the people that mean to you. You can use a party invitation card to get them to come to the event that you host. You can either hand made your invitation card or make an order in a printing shop. Either way, make sure that you clearly state what kind of event it is and where is the location as well as the date of the party. You should also include your phone number in case your guests need to contact you for RSVP to the event. 

So, have you taken note of the kind of invitation cards that you can send? They are not too difficult to make, so don't be lazy to make a unique and proper invitation card printing especially for important occasions so that you can leave a strong impression on your guests and make them feel more interested to join your important day.