As we have mentioned on other occasions, the wedding card is an important element to obtain the dream wedding. Many couples invest a lot of money and time in making the perfect card, as it can be seen as a reflection of the couple's personality and tastes. 

A common mistake many couples make is to focus only on the colors, shapes, and styles of the invitation cards. One element that goes unnoticed is the importance of paper in the elaboration of the cards.  

Recycled paper 

Using recycled materials for wedding card printing is very trendy for this summer 2021. However, using recycled paper is not only ideal for an environmental issue but also to convey personality and style to the invitation cards. 

The recycled paper gives a rustic style to the invitation cards. The cards are also handmade and can be printed with textures such as rose petals or plants. Depending on the style and design, even fruit scents can be printed on the invitation cards. 

Glassine paper 

Transparent paper is a good alternative to make invitation cards. This kind of material is excellent because besides being very durable, it is resistant to greasy substances and different types of oils.  

On the other hand, this kind of paper is also a good choice for envelopes or any other wedding souvenirs. The only disadvantage may be its cost since it is not easy to print designs on this kind of material. 

Parchment paper 

Parchment paper is a very common type of paper among that group of people who want to give an elegant personality to their invitations. Usually, this kind of paper is made with animal raw material, but in recent years, parchment papers are made with synthetic or vegetable materials. 

Although it is a delicate material, it is a very durable and soft type of paper, which makes it a good alternative for elegant or minimalist designs. Likewise, this kind of paper is also often used as a decorative piece or to write messages to complement wedding cards. 

Cardboard paper 

This type of paper is usually presented with a smooth finish, but many manufacturers or designers offer versions with different types of textures. It is one of the best alternatives for designing invitation cards since it is an economical material and can be adapted to different types of designs. It can even be adapted to various printing styles. 

Also, card stock paper is very durable and can also work for designing envelopes for invitations. It can be lent in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes. 

Cloth paper 

It is an uncommon type of paper because it is made of cloth, specifically linen. This kind of paper is expensive, due to its manufacturing process. Also, designing wedding cards on this kind of paper requires a large investment because it is not easy to print designs on fabric.

However, it is a good alternative for invitation cards as it provides a soft texture to the touch and conveys a lot of elegance. Of all the alternatives, it is undoubtedly the most striking.